How a Chiropractor can Help With Your Baby’s Colic

If you’ve ever had a colicky baby, then you know how much grief the condition can cause. A child is said to be suffering from colic when he cries uncontrollably for long periods of time, often without any obvious cause. It can result in sleepless nights for parents and caregivers, as well as feelings of helplessness when they can’t do anything for a baby who’s obviously uncomfortable. Colic is often attributed to gas or acid reflux in an immature digestive system, and pediatricians will often prescribe acid reflux medication or tell parents to just wait until the baby hits three months, at which point colic often goes away on its own. If you’re not comfortable with these solutions however, you can try seeing a chiropractor.

How can a chiropractor help with colic in infants? A chiropractor works on the premise that the right alignment of the spine is the key to good health. When the spine is in the proper alignment, it allows the nervous system to function properly and send the right signals to all the other parts of the body, allowing them to work together in harmony. What people don’t often realize is that babies can get their spines misaligned when they are born. Birth is a traumatic process when a child has to pass through the birth canal. It’s not easy for either the mother or the child, especially when most babies are born with their mothers lying on their backs. This position does not allow the cervix to open fully and doesn’t allow gravity to help the baby along either. This often results in the doctor having to assist by pulling the baby out, using either a pair of forceps or a vacuum. The twisting and pulling involved can often cause problems with the baby’s spine and throw it out of alignment. When this happens, the nerves of the neck can become stressed, which in turn creates problems with the baby’s sucking and swallowing.

If you do decide to visit a chiropractor, he will take down your baby’s medical history including details about your pregnancy, labor and delivery. He will then do a careful examination and if necessary perform some gentle manipulations to correct any misalignment. This treatment will often relax your baby and make him feel a lot better. Your chiropractor will also supplement this with advice regarding natural or homeopathic treatments for infantile colic.

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